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employee connector

connecting employees to the company resources they need
through a company branded mobile app


Whether in the office, on the road, offsite, or at their home office, your employees need a streamlined way to get important company resources when they need them.  And you need an effective way to communicate important information that will be seen and not buried in emails! Employee   


The  employee connector mobile app gives your employees the company resources they need right at their fingertips!

  • Centralize paper, databases, resources, etc. in one secure location

  • Increase awareness and understanding of all your products, services, and benefits

  • Communicate in real time via push notifications and text

  • Engage employees

  • Collect Feedback whenever you need it

  • Save time and gain efficiencies



Connect your employees to the company resources they need in one centralized, secure mobile app!
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Timesheets & PTO
  • Benefit Information & Tools
  • Annual Open Enrollment
  • Employee Training and Development
  • HR & Organizational Policies
  • Company Directory
  • 401K Benefits
  • Medicare
  • FMLA & Leave of Absence
  • Worksite & Safety
  • And More

Do you offer your employees benefit programs and wellness programs that are underutilized and only communicated once a year?

The employee connector is your solution!


We understand all companies are unique and need a solution that reflects their organization and needs.  The employee connector offers the flexibility to customize the mobile app as well as the communication strategy that will work best for your employees!

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Don't worry, we got this!  Services include full management of the employee connector app from implementation to annual renewal.  

  • Build and Implementation of employee connector app and overall strategy

  • Monthly communication management

  • Annual app review and revisions 


Ready to go mobile?

Schedule a demo today

and find out how the employee connector 

can help you reinvent the way you do business! 

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